Job ID: IND-JNT-232

Department: Software Development
Job Type: Permanent
Location: India

Job Details

We are looking for engineering graduates with an aptitude for working with activities majorly involving data and analysis. Aiming to find young people who finds fun in collecting and analyzing data to help organizations make informed decisions.

Key responsibilities:

The works to be carried out, involves analyzing and interpreting collected data using statistical tools and computer software etc. and interpret the raw data and identify any patterns in it to provide clarity to the non-technical audience. The Junior analyst also need to assist in creating visualizations, including dashboards, flowcharts, and graphs to relay business concepts through visuals to colleagues and other relevant stakeholders.  They are also responsible for compiling Excel spreadsheets to make data visible before analysis. At times, the junior analyst involves coding and re-coding data contained within various databases to identify patterns.

Requirements (Qualifications/Experience/Competencies)

Have the ability to plan, organize, and structure work.
Highly skilled in Excel, Word, and other word processing software programs.
Showcase good analytical and evaluative skills in tasks.
Showcase good written and oral communication skills.
Ability to multitask.
Have good interpersonal skills.