We are excited about what’s happening in technology daily. We keep our senses open to know and gauge the ‘new’ around. Alongside, we act as advisories for our clients when it comes to evaluation of existing systems versus possibilities.

IoT as an example

The number of connected devices is expected to skyrocket from 20 billion to more than 200 billion by 2020 making it imperative for organizations to leverage and integrate IoT into enterprises and business processes. IoT is playing a major role in arming industries to achieve more. IoT is already gaining ground and the in the near future would become an integral part of not only our enterprises, but our daily lives.

This is the time for enterprises to look beyond legacy systems and adopt IoT as a core solution for the enterprises as it will be a center piece of any successful digital transformation journey

It is not just about cost effectiveness – it is a journey of exploration to find what would work best to improve business. Simple changes in workflow to complex AI integration, we are happy to be involved.