Our extensive and in-depth association working with several hospitality brands have given us the opportunity to evolve with very practical, useful, state of the art and cost-effective solutions for the hospitality industry. From leading global brands to local lodging companies, we have a solution as long as there is a thirst from them to explore opportunities and a challenging determination to do things before your competition does.

Consumers are less brand loyal, savvier than ever, and they expect personalization. One has to reach them across multiple devices and platforms.

Objectives with our engagement with Hospitality teams

Get an integrated view of your data across CRM and guest feedback platforms for a more complete aggregate picture of your guest database.

Optimize investment in the highest ROI initiatives. Discover trends in your data to inform your decision-making for maximum ROI impact with sentiment analysis on guest feedback.

Generic blast emails kill your business. Act on new data insights. Smart segmentation allows to target specific groups of guests with relevant email communications, leading to more direct and repeat bookings. Target your most profitable guests with personalized offers

Leverage the right technology to increase revenue.

Adopt modern best practices for guest feedback collection and responses

Rich and qualitative Guest Database

Ensuring adherence to global best practices in terms of legal compliance and avoid any wrong-doing.

Using state-of-the-art technology, Rich Guest Profiles integrates guest data from the Property Management Systems and Surveys, enabling highly effective and targeted campaigns.

Measure performance in real time with campaign metrics and a transparent revenue attribution model. Compare performance against previous campaigns and other properties in your portfolio.

A team of dedicated team members available to provide strategic support.

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