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We often live as an extension of our client's marketing team. Partnering with Times team gives them an entire team of digital marketing and technical specialists whose proven analytic strategies and expertise will definitely add value in their growth.

Our Data management processes enable enterprises to leverage Big Data from all data sources, in real-time, to allow for more effective engagement with customers. As data is being created and consumed at unprecedented rates, along with stricter usage policies based on best practices, data management becomes very crucial.

We aim to give organizations a 360-degree view of their customers and the complete visibility needed to gain deep, critical insights into consumer behavior that give brands a competitive edge.

Example of Consolidated Schema for Hotels

Unified 360° Profile
Understand and speak to your customers as individuals through a single unified 360° profile. Our systems collect data and signals from all available sources, channels and devices. This data is synthesized to create a unified 360° profile that is essential to powering your marketing decisions and orchestration. This, at times, yields a customer journey through your business touchpoints, which often goes undetected.

Cross-Device Identification
Engage audiences across devices and never miss another opportunity to connect. From smartphones to tablets and desktop computers to wearables and IoT, listen to and retarget customers as unique individuals, not as separate persons. The unified 360° profile is constantly updated as new data becomes available regardless of device.

Subscriber Acquisition to mailing lists
Worried about a small list? An ongoing acquisition strategy online and offline across devices, channels and platforms is imperative to boost revenue and grow your business. We associate with our clients to build, strengthen and grow their mailing lists in legitimate ways.

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