Job ID: CUS-IND-J023

Department: Client Support
Job Type: Permanent
Location: India

Job Details

This position is reserved for the early morning lovers. Proceed only if you are one.

This person will be an integral member of the Project management team, supporting and assisting the IT Project contracts and task schedules. Working mostly on data management projects, the champion has to connect with our clients from eastern geography. Due to timezone difference, these interactions should be mostly during the early hours of the day. The person should do a bit of IT house keeping and maintaining schedules and records of interactions and contracts along with providing appropriate reports to management, periodically and also when needed.

Key responsibilities:

Helps with the process of creating and editing standard contract documents.
Understand the terms and conditions of service level agreements with clients.
Understand basics of data compliance not limited to GDPR and CAN-SPAM for marketing.
Explain Digital marketing elements involved within the purview of agreed services.
Check and gauge the accuracy and compliance of files received from clients and interact with them up to satisfaction levels.
Provide bills and explain billing processes to clients, as it demands.

Requirements (Qualifications/Experience/Competencies)

Have a good command of English language.
You will write, speak and tweak good English to equally impress our clients from Europe, Asia Pacific and  at times, Middle East too.
Managing various concurrent projects will not affect your concentration.
Microsoft Excel is one of your top liked tools.
You enjoy the art of communication.
Digital Marketing is not a new subject for you.
A B.Tech degree in Computer Science is definitely going to help.
You like drinking coffee or tea. :)