DineApple is a user-friendly application for restaurants to collect feedback from guests.

DineApple can be used in restaurants and spas to record and analyse feedback from guests. The admin serves to drill down into complaints, suggestions, complements and other feedback from customers, which can be acted upon quickly. The application provides registration to GDPR complaint email marketing on real time.

The real-time tracker admin system of DineApple displays feedback with color codes based on severity of the feedback. This allows restaurant managers to act on priority, which enhances customer gratification, loyalty and retention. Customer complaints could be solved quickly and remedial steps and actions can be recorded into the system for reference.

Guests can enroll into marketing database through a GDPR compliant data system. DineApple finds utility not only in restaurants but also in spas and any other places where you want to ensure proper customer satisfaction and happiness.

DineApple will soon be using AI based features as enhancement. Menus, games and promos will be part of the app very soon.

The application is available for download on Google Playstore.