TimesWorld’s Calicut office decided to re-open on 15 December 2021, after the long break during the COVID pandemic lockdowns. The office was closed in early March 2020 and team members were working from home since then. 

As a beginning step, the team members met in the office at the Cyberpark Calicut, on Friday, 19 November. The event was blessed with the presence of world-famous magician, UNICEF ambassador, motivational speaker and committed social worker Gopinath Muthukad. His inspirational talk woven with befitting stories captivated the hearts of the team members.

“We didn’t have an issue in delivering best results to our clients, even during the lockdown periods when most of our team members in India were working from their homes. However, coming back to workplace is aimed at re-igniting the belongingness and bringing back the old fervor of working together”, said Tomy Varghese, Managing Director, TimesWorld. “Safety and health of our team members are subjects of great priority for us”, he added while distributing health insurance policies to team members. 

Company’s future with focus on research and development were explained at the event– making market research, analysis and cognitive engineering as subjects of top priority in 2022. 

Members who completed long terms of service with the company were honoured during the event.  Shyla Thomas, Director of Timesworld thanked the team members for the great roles played for the success of the company. Vivek Nair, General Manager, Cyberpark and C Natarajan, Asst Development Commissioner, Cochin Special Economic Zone were also present on the occasion. 

TimesWorld’s Dubai office has already re-opened in September 2021 after months. 

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